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About Us

Highbury Hospitality is a bar and restaurant consulting group founded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn from the team behind Bar Americano. Highbury Hospitality consists of three team members, bringing a combined 40+ years of bar, restaurant, and hospitality experience. The founding members draw upon their expertise gained from their experience in numerous Michelin-starred and acclaimed restaurants and bars. Opening in November of 2022, Bar Americano has become a near instant sensation and neighborhood favorite. Its regulars span from neighbors, who live on the block, to those who travel just for the Bar Americano experience.             

Bar Americano’s success is owed to our foundational beliefs in discipline, dedication to concept, and unwavering commitment to the highest standards of everything we serve. Bar Americano is intentional, thoughtful, and delicious. Through carefully implemented systems and streamlining of our service, Bar Americano successfully maintains the highest standards while efficiently handling high-volume operations. It is these principles that have inspired the inception of Highbury Hospitality, enabling us to share our knowledge and help other bars create profitable, cohesive, and streamlined bar programs.

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